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Joshua Sullivan is a visual artist specialising in lens based media, working and living in Dublin. They have recently graduated with a second class honours in the BA Photography course in IADT, Dún Laoghaire.

Their work explores personal and social mythologies that exist under the surface of everyday life: religion, the supernatural, folk tales and secrecy. Recently their work has been focused on the Irish tradition of the oral tale, how the art of telling a story has influenced the way in which traditional Irish folk tales and mythology spread and change over time. They believe the flux state of a spoken story has strong ties to the ever changing meaning of a photograph, intrinsically linking the two together.

Utilising analogue photographic practices and moving image, their visual pieces are paired with their own writings and the words of those they photograph to begin a new story that aims to create conversations surrounding these mythologies we don’t always pay attention to. These projects have culminated in both installations and the photobook, with experimentation with video work too.




Resurgence - Group Exhibition - IADT


Shortlisted for Belfast Photo Festival

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